How we select an assortment for our collection: :

1.        We have top-notch buyers: educated, creative, knowing the most delicate secrets of the fashion industry.

2.       We are completely independent in choosing our collections. We carefully build our range by choosing products and brands that align with our vision of each season.

3.       We not only follow fashion, but also know our customers very well. That’s why the Baltā Kumode collection can not only be admired, it can be worn!

4.       We pay special attention to the shoe manufacturing process: the quality of the leather, design of boot trees, features of the cut, quality of accessories. Therefore, our shoes are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and durable.

If you like the models presented in the gallery, then you will like our concept of assortment build-up. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit us in store. In the store, there is a wide range of products and an ideal space for a comfortable, rush-free and enjoyable shopping. In the majority of cases, our customers find what they are looking for!

This page of the website is the visiting card of the Baltā Kumode shoe boutique.

Briefly and quickly, you can get an idea of our assortment.

You can get acquainted with the assortment in more detail on the Online-store page.

Better yet, come to the store! We are located in the very centre of Riga: 57 Elizabetes Street (a detailed map can be found on the Contact page).


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