Online Store Rules and Regulations

The legislation of the Republic of Latvia provides that the owner of an online store must provide for the conditions of delivery and return of goods, as well as the right to refuse. These conditions mean the remote agreement between the owner of the online store and the buyer (Cabinet regulations).


The seller of goods offered in this online store, on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and the person placing the order, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, on the other hand, enter into the following Agreement:

The Seller shall undertake to sell and deliver the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the order of the Buyer.

Delivery and Payment Procedure

The Buyer shall order goods through this website indicating the type and quantity of goods. The Buyer shall have an opportunity to pay for the goods using payment tools built into the online store, or by paying the invoice prepared by the Seller and sent to the Buyer by e-mail in accordance with the order. The invoice is compiled electronically and is valid without a signature.

The Seller shall ensure the shipment of goods within 3 working days from the receipt of payment for the goods, coordinating the time and method of delivery with the Buyer. The delivery time for the goods to the Buyer depends on the chosen delivery method and is determined by the capabilities of the delivery company.

Delivery cost (Venipak courier or Post Office parcel machines) is 0 EUR (including 21% VAT). Receiving goods in the Shoes Club Baltā Kumode store (57 Elizabetes Street, Riga, Latvia) is free of charge. 

The Seller shall be exempted from liability for violation of the delivery time of goods if the goods are not provided to the Buyer or are not delivered on time due to the fault of third parties unrelated to the Seller and/or independent of the Seller, or due to circumstances depending on the Buyer, or due to force majeure.

Right to Refuse

The Buyer shall be entitled to refuse the goods within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt by sending a letter of refusal to the Seller. At the request of the Buyer, the Seller shall send the Buyer a form of a letter of refusal by e-mail to the Buyer.

Return of goods to the Seller shall be carried out at the place of actual location of the Seller: SIA SHOES CLUB, 57 Elizabetes Street, Riga, Latvia, LV1050 for orders made in Latvia and using Venipak free pick up.

When returning goods, mandatory requirements shall apply: the goods have not been damaged or their appearance has not changed significantly, nor have they been used - all returned goods must be with authentic labels, protective bags and original packaging.

Refunds shall be made to the Buyer's bank account, unless the Buyer and the Seller agree otherwise.

Money shall be returned to the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the Seller received a letter of refusal subject to receipt by the Seller of the returned goods. If the goods are not returned by the Buyer to the Seller within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the letter of refusal by the Seller, the period for returning money shall be calculated from the day the goods are returned to the Seller.

All expenses incurred in connection with the return of goods of good quality to the Seller are borne by the Buyer.

The return of goods of inadequate quality shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

The Buyer should pay for the costs of delivery of the goods and the costs of returning the goods, and the Seller, after making sure that the goods were returned due to inadequate quality, should return to the Buyer the costs incurred by latter for the delivery and return of the goods.


The goods offered at Shoes Club Baltā Kumode stores have a 2 year warranty. To confirm the warranty period and fulfilment of warranty obligations, it shall be necessary to have the original cash register receipt or warranty certificate. 


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